Decorator based HTTP client for browser & Node.JS based on Axios.

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Powerfull & easy to use

EchoFetch will make doing requests super easy, stripping down on boilerplate code.

Small bundle size

EchoFetch only adds an additional 2.78 KB (Gzipped) to your bundle size.

Framework support

Goes perfectly with Frontend Frameworks such as Vue.JS (build-in support)

# Overview

class TestService extends EchoService {
    getData(): EchoPromise<string> {};

        "searching": true
    searchData(@Query("q") query: string): EchoPromise<string> {};
        "Authorization": "api-token"
    createData(@Header("name") nameHeader: string, @Body() data: TestData): EchoPromise<void> {};

    updateData(@Path("id") id: number, @Body() data: TestDataUpdate): EchoPromise<void> {};

    deleteData(@Path("id") id: number): EchoPromise<void> {};

    putData(@Path("id") id: number, @Body() data: TestDataPut): EchoPromise<void> {};
    uploadImage(@FormField("image") image: File): EchoPromise<string> {};
    submitForm(@FormField("username") username: string, @FormFieldObject() otherData: Data): EchoPromise<User> {};

const service = new EchoServiceBuilder()

        .then((data: string) => console.log(data))
        .catch((error: EchoError) => console.error(error))